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Bachelor in Paradise Down Under

Thomas had appeared on the Bachelorette Canada 2017 series on the W Network last year which lead him to this new series in Australia. Thomas made it deep into the Bachelorette Canada series when he was rejected by the amazing Jasmine due to his modeling nomad lifestyle. Thomas may have not been given the rose by Jasmine, but he gained a lot of fans and had the trending hashtag #SexualTongue during that series after his first meeting with Jasmine. Jasmine herself even questioned her decision after letting Thomas go.

After Thomas' last modeling contract he came back to CANADA to work with his Dad's company Perras Homes as a framer and foreman of a crew in Regina, Saskatchewan when he was proposed the option of the Aussie reality series opportunity. Thomas' sister who he had just visited months earlier in Melbourne, Australia was about to have her first child during the proposed filming of the Bachelor in Paradise series, so the timing couldn't have been better for him.

Thomas was kept under raps during the start of filming in Fiji in November 2017, being flown into the tropical paradise in Fiji nine shows into the series. The Bachelor in Paradise series, different from the Bachelorette series has men and women giving roses to each other on opposite rose ceremonies, with the odd man/women out. Most of the cast is made up of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise Australian personalities but they have also mixed in a few Americans and one Canadian before Thomas' arrival.

We love Thomas' personality and know sure well that his amazing looks and even better personality will win over a lot of the girls on Paradise Island. Check out the series Bachelor in Paradise on Ten Network in Australia.

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