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Portrait of a Model with EDGE AGENCY International Model Melissa

Check out EDGE AGENCY International Model Melissa in "Drift Stealth 2 / Portrait of a Model (side B): Melissa Zabinsky" promo of the Drift Stealth 2 HD camera by Twenty2b.

Melissa is a great role model for a lot of want-to-be models out there. She was shorter than average models and was told NO many times. She took her opportunities and made things happen and she now is one of the most sought after beauty models in Asia.

Melissa has booked campaigns with Sephora, Avon, Old Navy, Häagen-Dazs and Fiat Motor Company to name a few.

Melissa was picked on as a child for her large bee like hazel eyes. But now those bee like eyes are her trade mark. She always dreamed big and now is living those dreams around the World.

"If you give love to the World, the World will give Love back to you!" Melissa Zabinsky

Check out her amazing video traveling around Asia with a HD go anywhere camera. Enjoy.

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