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THOMAS the next Canada Bachelor?

If some of you out there in TV land were not aware, EDGE AGENCY International Model THOMAS was on the first ever Bachelorette Canada TV series on Canada's W Network. Thomas was advertised as the "International Model" on the show but we all know THOMAS is so much more...

Photo courtesy of the Bachelorette Canada

Thomas joined EDGE AGENCY shortly after winning DISCOVERED International Model Search in 2011. Thomas had just gone through the most traumatic year of his life after falling off a building and severally breaking both ankles, while working as a framer. Thomas was told that he may never walk again but after a year of hard work and some painful rehab, Thomas was not just walking again, but he was also more determined and stronger mentally.

Thomas' career in modeling has taken him around the globe from Shanghai, China to Milan, Italy. He is an exceptional young man which has been a pleasure to represent.

EDGE AGENCY was contacted from a Canadian production company searching for eligible bachelors across Canada for the new series Bachelorette Canada last Winter. We immediately thought of Thomas. We knew his personality would be amazing for television and of course he wasn't hard to look at. Thomas was in Mumbai, INDIA modeling with top agency INEGA Models at the time and agreed to be submitted for consideration. We knew that Thomas would be perfect for this show and we were right. After many emails and Skype meetings, Thomas was selected for the show which began shooting in May, 2016.

Thomas made a quick impression on bachelorette Jasmine, getting the trending hashtag #SexualTongue on the shows social media after their first meeting. Thomas won the first one on one date with Jasmine which took them on a cool ATV ride through the back country of Jamaica as well as chilling in the Ocean where Thomas scored his first kiss with the bachelorette. In the end Thomas' nomad international model lifestyle of travel had him eliminated from the show in a tearful 2 on 1 date that even had Jasmine rethinking her decision.

Photo courtesy of The Bachelorette Canada

The social media buzz after Thomas' departure was the thought that he would make a great bachelor for next season. Thomas is open for anything that comes his way in the future including being Canada's first Bachelor. What do you think?

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