frequently asked questions

1. Are you a talent agency representing musical, magic, or other types of performers?

No,  we represent and manage models and actors only.

2. What are EDGE AGENCY's international modeling requirements?

Age: 12 to 25 years
Height: 5' 7" to 5' 11"

Age: 18 to 24 years
Height: 6' 0" to 6' 2"

Click to link to Model Search Info page.

* If you are considering modeling only within Saskatchewan, we will accept photo submissions of any height and age.

3. What are EDGE AGENCY's actor requirements?

We are always looking for great new actors between the ages of 2 and 102. Click to link to Actor Search Info page.

4. What is EDGE AGENCY looking for in their actors and models?

EDGE AGENCY is about quality NOT quantity.  Honesty is our policy.  If we see potential in you, we will represent you.  If we don't feel you have what it takes to make it in the industry, we will  tell you.

5. Do I need a models portfolio?

For local modeling it is better to start with simple snap shots or a good head shot before considering getting a models portfolio done.  We help to guide our models to shoot with quality fashion photographers to help build a good portfolio but it's not necessary to get work locally.

To work internationally, it is very important to have a good models portfolio with a broad range of pictures and looks.

6. How much experience do I need to be a model or actor?

In some situations, no experience is necessary.  As an actor, if we feel you have potential, we will help you find the best training to fine tune any skills that may need improvement.  As a model, the best experience is on the job, which is what we will help get for you.

7. Do I have to live in Regina or Saskatchewan to be represented by EDGE AGENCY?

No, EDGE AGENCY represents models from all over the world and actors from across Canada.

8. After I submit my application, when will I hear from EDGE AGENCY?

Generally, you will hear from EDGE AGENCY within 72 hours of us receiving your application.

9. What is a management agency?

A management agency represents and promotes models and actors; we help find our people work by creating and maintaining professional relationships with top agencies and clients in Regina, Canada and the World.

10. What classes does EDGE AGENCY offer?

We do not offer classes.  Since EDGE AGENCY is a management agency and not a training school, we represent and market our models and actors to find them work in the industry.  If we feel that they can benefit from training courses, we will help find them the best quality courses from proven instructors.

11. Does EDGE AGENCY pay for training courses?

Any training courses we suggest to enhance the model or actor's skills are their financial responsibility.

12. What kind of modeling jobs are there locally?

Locally there are modeling jobs for Runway, Fashion, Magazines, Billboards, etc.

13. What kind of acting jobs are there?

There are acting jobs in TV Shows, Feature Films, Voice Overs (Radio), Radio and TV Commercials, etc.

14. What is the difference between an In Town Model and an International Model?

In Town models work within our local market of Regina, Saskatchewan and surrounding areas.  International models are promoted by us to agencies abroad.

15. Do I get to choose between being an In Town or International model?

EDGE AGENCY will begin by finding you jobs in our local market to discover your strengths.  If you have international potential, EDGE AGENCY will assist you in achieving that modeling status.

If you are a model from another country looking for model representation by EDGE AGENCY, you would be marketed as an International model and would never have to work as an In Town model in Canada.

16. What modeling placement agencies do you work with?

We support our long-time relationships with reputable agencies and investigate new placement agencies through our network of industry professionals.  We want the best jobs for our models and actors and will not under sell their talent.

17. Who pays for models to go overseas?

Depending on the location, the placement agency pays for models' flights and accommodations.

18. If EDGE AGENCY agrees to represent me, is there a contract or agreement to sign?

Yes, there is an Mother Agent/Management agreement to sign with EDGE AGENCY.

19. Can EDGE guarantee me work?

There are no guarantees in this industry, and EDGE AGENCY cannot guarantee anyone work.  However, since our focus is on quality and not quantity, we only manage people we strongly believe have potential in our industry.  Therefore, we promise to exhaust all our efforts for each of our models and actors to help find them work.